A German joke

Treffen sich zwei Planeten, sagt der eine zum anderen: “Na wie geht’s?”
Sagt der andere: “Nicht so gut, ich hab Homo Sapiens.”
Darauf antwortet der erste: “Ja das kenn ich, mach dir nichts draus, das geht vorbei.”

Two planets meet. The first asks: “So, how are you?”
The second answers: “Well, I’m sick, I’ve got Homo Sapiens.”
The first replies: “Oh, I know that one. No worries, it’ll pass.”

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2 Responses to “A German joke”

  1. 1 jonnyopinion March 23, 2014 at 1:42 am

    “What do pandas eat? Bread!” Think something may have been lost in translation there.

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