Upcoming Giles Fraser talk

Giles Fraser will be giving a talk on atonement and law, with reference to Gillian Rose, amongst others. Details here.

Pollock on NHS privatisation

Excellent video by Professor at QML:

Before privatisation started to happen in the 90’s under New Labour, the NHS cost between 4-6% of GDP; after privatisation the costs have more than doubled. Before privatisation administration costs were 6%, after privatisation much more (in the US 36% goes on administration and billing).

The 2012 Health and Social Care Act removed the responsibility from the secretary of state to provide care to everyone. Commercial providers can now choose who to give care to, which means, for example, that older people or people with chronic conditions may not be able to obtain care. That’s why people are calling for its re-nationalisation. There is currently a proposed bill to re-nationalise it and undo the 2012 act. Please support it.

Between Theology and the Political

BTatP poster jpg

Abbey House blogpost on Rose


Rose conference update

The Rose conference at Durham on 9th January will be held at the Lindisfarne centre in St. Aidan’s college, Durham (not the business school as previously advertised). Dinner will be in the business school nearby.


I’ve apparently just become a fellow of the Higher Education Academy, though I’m still waiting for my certificate. Thanks to the excellent team at Durham who guided many of us through the whole process.

You should read this

All of it.

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